2016, the year of the beast!

I started Crossfit almost exactly a year ago after being poached from my personal training job to become a boot camp instructor at Crossfit Grahastown. This completely changed my life and my perspective on fitness and health.

Before Crossfit, being fit meant that I was skinny with some muscle. That’s it. Now, for me fitness means that I am able to do anything I set my mind to physically and mentally. It has nothing to do with what my body looks like, but instead, what it can do. 

At the beginning, I couldn’t even do a snatch and I had to do Angie with a band (100pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats). Now I am able to deadlift almost double my body weight and do bat muscle ups in a WOD (workout of the day). I have proven to myself that anything is possible and I will continue to do so everyday of my life as I progress through this incredible sport of fitness. 


pull upd for days!
I know I said that it doesn’t really matter what my body looks like anymore- it obviously still does. But, Crossfit allows you to be flexible with your diet and still look amazing! For example, the last week of 2015 I went on a holiday and ate way too much and drank copious amounts of alcohol… But my body is still in decent condition and working out dosnt feel too horrendous. However, I do not reccommend doing that for a week… I will never do it again! You need to love your body in order for it to change and get better. 


after 1 week of wildness
Moral of the story… Crossfit is amazing and it changes lives! 

So, 2016 is here and I’m planning on doing big things! I want to start competing in national Crossfit competitions, finish my degree, work hard as a Crossfit coach and learn new things. It is indeed, the year of the beast! 


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