Accomplishing the impoosible

There are so many things in life that a person sets out to achieve, but usually they set their sights on things that they think are attainable rather than what they truly want to aim for. This is not a breeding ground for success.

I have always set my sights high for what I want to achieve in life, such as owning my own island (far fetched to some but I believe I will own one). I have found that these goals have pushed me to try harder in other aspects of my life. 

Starting Crossfit has proved that things i previously thought to be impossible, are in fact possible! I never thought I would be able to do a muscle up, handstand push up, kipping pull ups or even rope climbs let alone lifting the weights I’m able to do now. And the beauty  of it is that I’m only going to get better and accomplish even more!

These accomplishments have translated into every day life and have made me want to push even harder to achieve my career goals as well as my relationship goals. 

Morale of the story: Anything is possible if you set your mind to it, but you have to start with the small things so you can train your brain to believe in the bigger things! 


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