The need for REST

You either love or hate rest days, and I will be honest I hate them! I’m terrible at resting because I love pushing myself every single day… But the truth is that rest is an essential part of your training routine.

Last week I did 10 workouts in 6 days which is a bit more than the ‘normal’ person and I definitely do not reccommend it unless you have built yourself up to that amount of volume. I try to have at least 1 complete rest day a week where I do no physical activity so my muscles can recover. If I’m feeling tired and fatigued during the week I will make it an active recovery day which means doing light or moderate exercise that is different from your regular training. For me this is usually a TRX or body weight workout at a moderate intensity. 

During strength training your muscle fibers year and in order to rebuild them so that they become stronger and bigger, rest is needed. When you rest, it is essential to eat right, hydrate and get a good amount of sleep. This allows you to go back to training feeling stronger and more efficient.


how i feel about rest days
I took a rest day yesterday and woke up today feeling fantastic and ended up destroying the WOD! My body felt strong and I didn’t fatigue as quickly as I did on saturday after a full week of hard training. 

So fellow athletes, don’t be a hero… Program at least one rest day into your routine. It is completely dependent on how your body responds to training as well as the volume and type of training you’re doing. Play around with it to find the optimal ratio of rest to work. 


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