Whey too much! 

Two weeks ago I decided I needed to take a whey protein supplement to get some gains. So I bought a tub, fully aware of the fact that it didn’t sit well with me previously. But I figured my body has changed and will now respond well to it.

Boy was I wrong! After two weeks I have put on about 3kgs of bloat and my stomach is super unhappy. The whey protein I bought had tolerate in it which is meant to help for people who are lactose intolerant (such as me). Nope, it didn’t! 

I kept looking at myself in the mirror and wondering where all my muscles had gone. Instead of leaning out, I started looking puffy and like I had a layer of fat covering everything. This was despite the fact that I was training twice a day and eating a clean diet. Unfortunately that diet consisted of the whey which was a major problem!

So, I thought I would test this theory and went off of the whey two days ago. It made a remarkable difference! I recon I lost 1kg over night and my muscles reappeared! My stomach is starting to settle back to normal and I’m feeling a lot less bloated. 


left: 1 day before stopping whey. right: 1 day after stoppig whey
Just goes to show how much rubbish they put into supplements and how certain bodies just cannot tolerate it. 

So, I am now back onto whole foods to get my protein requirements… A lot of eggs and chicken! Which is perfect for me. 

Has anyone else had similar experiences when taking a supplement?


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