The power of positivity

I’ve had my fair share of negative thoughts and they still do cross my mind every once in a while. Last year I went through one of the hardest times of my life when my boyfriend of five years broke up with me. My life as I know it did a comple 180 and I was pretty harsh on myself for quite a while. It didn’t help that I was, and still sometimes do, struggling with my skin… So negative self talk became quite a problem for me. This translated into every part of my life… My varsity work, friendships, workouts and my perception of myself. For a couple of weeks I was a mess and did not see myself in a good light at all.

After reading multiple articles, watching many YouTube videos and of course a lot of encouragement from my family (especially mom) and friends, I finally started seeing the bright side of life. It clicked that I had to change my mindset of myself and my capabilities. I needed to stop bringing myself down and concentrate on the good aspects of my life and myself instead of constantly picking on everything that I thought was bad. 

Slowly but surely I began replacing my negative thoughts with positive ones… And you know what? Everything started to get better. My training began to improve- I was getting stronger without having to torture myself. I started feeling more energetic and happier. Good people started coming into my life and I began making new friends. 

I truly do believe in the power of your mind. You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to, but you have to be positive and stop doubting yourself. Be kind to yourself. Tell yourself these things everyday and I promise it will change your life

“I am beautiful”

“I am strong and capable”

“I am happy”

“I am energetic and positive”

Be the best version of yourself. Yes, you will have bad days. Embrace them. Don’t pretend, feel the pain and sadness but then let it go and find that happiness again. Life is a wonderful journey no matter what path you’re on. 

“living your dream is the true reward of gard work and passion”

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