Change- the one thing you can count on

In a world filled with uncertainties, change is the one thing that you can be sure of. Even those of us who play it safe will experience some sort of change… whether it is aging, new relationships or a new house. New experiences stem from change and that’s how we learn, grow and accumulate wisdom, knowledge and experience. 

Personally, I am not a stranger to change. I spent most of my childhood living in different countries and experiencing new cultures, schools, climates, etc. So I have grown accustomed to adapting to new situations. I love this quality about myself because it actually makes me want to create new experience and push myself to be better. 

A fitness journey, much like moving to a new town, has a multitude of phases in which an individual experiences different feelings and emotions which dictate their response and persuit of the changes that they face. There are good and bad phases. Sometimes you take a step back, and other times you take five steps forward. But the key to success is to keep going until you get the result or feeling that you want. 

The problem is that most people get disheartened when the changes they experience are not what they expected. Or if their goals don’t follow the timeline that they wanted. Majority of these people then give up and go straight back to square one… or their home town (in the case of moving). 

In the fitness world there should never be an end goal because there is always something more that you can achieve. You can always eat cleaner, conquer a new skill, take up a different sport or lift heavier weight. That’s the beauty of the human body… there are never ending capabilities. The trick is to never give up. 

Don’t let change scare you. It’s a natural progression of life and without it you will be stagnant. Whether it be in your professional career, in your relationships or in your fitness journey… keep moving forward and striving to be better. 

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