WOD (15/02/17)

I’m still trying to recover from that dreaded stomach flu so still feeling relatively weak👎🏻. But managed to fit in some good training!

Considering the Crossfit Open is literally around the corner – 7 days away to be exact- it’s time to kick it up a notch and start getting into the pain cave! Consequently, two past Open WODs were done back to back followed by some accessory work.

1. 11.6… 7 min AMRAP 

3 thrusters @ 30kg

3 chest to bar pull ups

6 thrusters 

6 C2B

9 thrusters 

9 C2B

… continue up in 3s until time cap 

I managed 15 thrusters and 8 C2B. The bar felt more like 50kgs than 30!

-5 minute rest-

12.5… for time

60 bar facing burpees

15/12 muscle ups

This took me 10:13. I felt surprisingly comfortable on the burpees and just kept a steady pace. The muscle ups felt decent today as I was using a lot more hip drive and power! 

2. Accessory work

4 sets

6-8 overhead stability lunge (see video) 

15 barbell hip extensions @ 45kg

4 sets

10 dead ball slams @ 20kg

20 weighted sit ups

20 weighted Russian twists 

WOD (13/02/17)

I spent most of my weekend in bed as I had a pretty upset stomach (sad face) but it forced me to have two full rest days. So when Monday came rolling around my body was feeling pretty fresh but unfortunately my stomach was still quite upset. Nevertheless, I did the work and finished my training sesh! 

1. Front squat 5 min EMOM

3 @ 60%

3 @ 65%

3 @ 70%

2 @ 75%

2 @ 75%

– rest 1 min-

10 min E2MOM

2 @ 80%

1 @ 85%

1 @ 85-90%

1 @ 90% 

1 @ 90%

2. 12 min E2MOM clean and jerk @ 60-70%

3. 6 RFT

500m row

10 box over burpees

-1 min rest between rounds


The weight lifting did not feel great today but I blame that on the stomach bug. The cardio was alright, it’s just not my fave type of workout 😝 

Why do we do Benchmarks?

In Crossfit, we like to measure our progress through various benchmarks, 1 rep maxes and general ability to do certain skills. But why is it important for us to do this? And how does it make us better athletes? 

Well the obvious reason as to why we do benchmark WODs such as “The Girls” and “Hero WODs” is to reveal our strengths and weakness and determine our progress as an athlete. We can then see if we need to improve our lifting, gymnastics or metabolic conditioning and even determine if we are lacking in any of the domains of fitness (strength, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, accuracy or stamina. From there, we can then set specific and attainable goals. 

Benchmark WODs such as Fran, Nancy, Helen and Karen are used to test work capacity. 1 rep max power lifts such as backsquats test pure strength and 1 rep max Olympic lifts such as the Snatch and Clean test strength, power, flexibility and agility.

It is important to make a record of your different benchmark scores in order to keep track of your progress and achieve your goals. 

So, don’t shy away from testing your athletic potential. When you see a benchmark WOD or 1RM on the whiteboard, give it your best so that you know where your capabilities lie. 

Monday madness

I woke up this morning with sore shoulders from last weeks assault and tired legs from Suicide Saturday but walked into the box with the intent to crush the WOD. And I did! I am amazed at home much stronger I have gotten over the last two months!! It has translated into all aspects of my training. Today I felt particularly good as I was able to string together a bunch of chest to bar pull ups! 

It just goes to show how important it is to slowly progress and just keep at it!

Today’s workout was great!


4-3-2-1 back squats @ 80% of max (65%) 

1-2-3-4 parter band run

WOD: 12 min AMRAP (1 min per exercise – 3 rounds

1. Calorie row

2. Bradford press (30/20kg)

3. Chest to bar pull ups

4. Hand release push ups

–> 176 reps

WOD: 11/01/16

I woke up this morning with very sore hamstrings and super tender biceps and lats! My upper body strength is definitely my week point but it is improving rapidly and I’m super excited about it! 

Strength: 8-5-5-3-3 deadlifts for accumulative weight

–> 70-85-90-100-100= 2036kg


Min 1-7 AMRAP 6 strict pull ups, 6 strict press (50/30kg)

Min 7-14 AMRAP 12 kipping pull ups, 12 push press

–> 176 reps

I then proceeded to do a HIIT class at 12:30 which further destroyed my arms but as always, pushed me to my limit. I get more scared for HIIT then I do Crossfit 😂

1. 8 min EMOM (45/15)

Odd: assault bike cals

Even: explosive push ups (50/20kg plate)

–> 96 reps

2. 8 min AMRAP

1 no handle sled push (10 reps) 

1 leg less rope climb (10 reps)

10 cal row

–> 130 reps

Be one with the assault bike!

I have been on holiday in Durban for the last month and a half and have been going to Crossfit Kaiyay which is an amazing box with great programming and wonderful coaches and members. They have one machine that we don’t have: the assault bike. Man oh man is this thing a cardio nightmare! I have never felt so out of breath as I do when jumping on it during a WOD.

I have been doing HIIT classes in the afternoon after Crossfit in the morning and they ALWAYS consist of the assault bike in some form! Yesterday we did a wonderfully painful TABATA of:

1. Assault bike

2. Ball slams

3. Elevated ring rows

4. Eccentric farmers walk shuttles

This bike has definitely taken my fitness to the next level and it has translated into my WODs. I feel much more efficient and fatigue resistant when it comes to weight lifting. In fact, I have gotten much stronger in the last month than I have throughout this whole year! My cleans have increased in weight, my speed when lifting has increased, my gymnastics have become better and my mental capacity has gone beyond what I thought it could.

It really amazes me how the benefits of Crossfit are never ending and that you are constantly progressing and getting better. There is ALWAYS something new to learn or make better. 

WOD: 7/01/16

Yesterday got a bit hectic and I forgot to post my workouts. I ended up doing Crossfit in the morning which was super tough! I struggle with thrusters as my shoulders fatigue quite quickly! I then went to HIIT class in the afternoon which was an absolute killer! But I feel like the assault bike and I have become one 😋


this was me one year ago when i first started crossfit
Am: strength- 2 rounds for reps: (40secs on 20 secs rest)

1 min left KB swing (24/16)

1 min right KB swing 

1 min American KB swing 

–> 137 reps


7 deadlifts (50/30)

7 thrusters (50/30)

7 ring K2E

–> 8:40

Pm: HIIT 3 rounds for reps

1 min row (cals)

1 min bench hops

1 min assault bike (cals)

1 min HRPU

1 min no handle sled push

1 min rest

–> 332 reps

Workout of the day

So I have done 5 sessions in 3 days and I’m feeling it! This morning was a struggle to get out of bed but I did it and made it to class! Good thing too because it was a great workout as usual! My shins came off second best though! 

Strength: build to heavy 

Push complex (unbroken)

2 strict press, 3 push press, 4 push jerk 

–> 37kg 

WOD: 21-15-9

Barbell SDHP (50/30kg)

Burpee box jumps (30/24′)


Workout of the day

Today’s WOD was very strength and skill intensive. I was really proud of myself because over head squats were never my strong point!

Strength: 4×4 sots press- as heavy as possible 

WOD: 5 RFT (15mins)

10 toes to bar

10 overhead squats (60/35kg)

*all sets must be unbroken otherwise restart. 

I managed–> 8:15 RX