Building a strong base

Starting any kind of sport can be both exciting and frustrating. The same goes for Crossfit. Many people come into a box just wanting to get fit, loose weight or essentially move. Majority of those people change their goals to wanting to be more proficient in the skills and move away from asthetics. The problem comes in when those people realize how long those skills and strength takes to develop. 

For any sport you need to have a general base fitness before you can start moving on to the more skill based movement. Crossfit is the same… Ideally you need to build strength in basic movements such as strict pull ups, push ups and squats before trying to master the more advanced movements such as Kipling pull ups, muscle ups and clean and jerks. 

Skills and strength don’t just build over night. They take months and even years to develop, loads of practice, sweat, tears and possibly a little blood. I see many Crossfit members getting discouraged and frustrated because they are trying to achieve all these goals… But the one common problem I see is that they skip steps in trying to get to their goals. They want to do Kipling pull ups without being able to do a strict pull up and they want to do ring muscle ups before they have tried a ring dip. 

The body needs to adapt and evolve to every movement and motor pattern you start programming into it before it can become efficient in each movement. You can’t skip steps and expect to accomplish your goals.

double unders for the win

For me, I came to Crossfit being able to do strict pull ups, but it took me a couple of months before I could kip, and from there i spent weeks trying to do butterfly pull ups. A year later and I’m able to do a couple of bar muscle ups and I’ve hat recently got my ring muscle ups. 

It is a process. Enjoy the process. Do every step right and you will see changes and progress. There is a never ending amount of skills to develop, so be patient! 

have fun, be patient, enjoy the journey

Lifting heavy as a woman 

As a coach, I often hear women saying that they don’t want to lift heavier weights because they don’t want to look ‘bulky’. Honestly, I made this comment countless times when I first started Crossfit. I was content to snatch 25kg and press 30kg… Until I realized that going heavier not only felt amazing, but it did amazing things to my body. 

Let me tell you, I have been trying to gain muscle mass for months and it is bloody difficult! I am now able to snatch 52.5kg, clean and jerk 70kg and deadlift 120kg… And I STILL struggle to put on mass. 

For most women it is extremely difficult to gain a lot of lean muscle mass. To do so you have to lift extremely heavy and be very disciplined when it comes to diet and lifestyle. I am now starting to see some changes in my body, only because I have been making a concerted effort to gain muscle.

I promise you you’re not going to suddenly wake up with massive biceps and quads from increasing number your weights slightly. Weight lifting is extremely good for the body and has many benefits. Women shouldn’t shy away from being strong. You say you want to be lean?? How do you expect to do that without building muscle? Having a greater percentage of muscle mass also increases the metabolism… Therefore burning more fat stores… 

So seriously ladies… Try putting a little more weight on those barbells and let’s get strong together.